I'm A Celebrity 2019: Tahir Bilgic's Jungle Transformation

We caught up with the comedian who had a serious change of heart in the jungle.

Before he started his jungle journey, Tahir spoke to 10 daily about how terribly prepared he was for the I’m A Celebrity experience. Having never been camping before, no cooking experience and dreading being outdoors, the Fat Pizza funnyman was pretty nervous.

Cut to his last moments in the jungle and Tahir hadn’t just made himself comfortable in his new outdoor arrangement, but he was also the head chef.

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“I’m not sure how it all went down,” Tahir told 10 daily just moments after leaving the jungle, “Luke took me through the course on how to light a fire, I had never lit a fire before in my life and when I lit my first one from scratch… that was a good moment.”

That wasn’t Tahir’s only first either. The comedian had never slept outdoors (“There are hotels!”) or slept in a sleeping bag (“If I’ve never been camping why would I have slept in a sleeping bag?”) and cooking was definitely an experience he picked up during his time in camp.

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Deciding that, after tasting wildebeest for the first time, he’s now more understanding of lions, Tahir raved about his time in the jungle and the bonds he quickly formed.

Early in the season when the camp was divided between campers and caretakers, Tahir was one of only three who remained a caretaker for the duration of the split camp.

“Natasha, Justine and I never had a banana in our oats in the morning, we were the only ones to stay caretakers the whole time.”

Their time together doing the camp chores and sharing rations of kale, kale and more kale meant the original caretakers forged very tight bonds. So much so that when asked what the main highlight of his time in the jungle was, Tahir simply said: “Meeting some fantastic people”.

And although he went up against the very first Sunday Slam, and was dunked in all sorts of terrible things during Scrotal Recall, the worst trial Tahir faced was quite a surprise.

“I wanted to get a heights trial but I was scared walking across the bridge to Julia and Chris,” he said.

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“I was like, ‘Is THIS some sort of trial?’ I had to go up some staircase, which was really high, and I’m holding onto the railings and the swinging bridge is swinging… it was the worst trial ever.”

While his antics in the camp will be missed, Tahir also said he’s planning on hitting the road as soon as he’s back home. Usually performing stand-up three or four times a week, he said he missed performing.

“Basically all the comedy festivals are on all around the country, it’s a perfect time,” he said, “I’m going to go to all the festivals, nearly every city in Australia and hopefully people will come see my show 'You Had One Job'… like I did in the jungle. Just one job.”

Let’s just hope that one job doesn’t involve playing the violin.

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