I'm A Celebrity 2019: Dermott Brereton Promises The Prank War Isn't Over Yet

He may be out of the jungle but the AFL legend has left some pretty sneaky surprises for his former teammate Shane Crawford.

Just moments after he left the camp, Dermott Brereton spoke to 10 daily about just what lay in store for Shane.

“I cut a face in his t-shirt,” he told us gleefully, saying he cut the nipples and a smile out of the shirt laying at the end of Shane’s bed.

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But that wasn’t all. That wasn’t even the start!

“He has half a tube of toothpaste in the brim of his hat which he hasn’t discovered yet,” Dermott continued, “he has a chewed up piece of meat inside his pillowslip which he’s been sleeping on for three days, he has Deep Heat cream smeared over the insides of his underwear.”

“Every day for a week I kept dipping his shorts and underwear that he was drying by the creek into the water, every morning he’d walk down, feel them and go ‘Gee the humidity is bad, nothing dries!’”

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While his ongoing war with Shane was a constant source of enjoyment for us, Dermott also brought along the perfect luxury item to keep everyone from pranking him too badly. His voodoo doll.

Dermott admitted that, once he figured out who was scared of the doll, he’d use it to spook people in the camp.

“Justine was scared of it and when I held it above her head, lo and behold, the next day she woke up with mozzie bites all over her face and blamed the doll!” Dermott said.

Angie was another who wasn’t a fan of the doll and, of course, Shane was one of his targets. “He’s like an agnostic, he’s ambivalent to it but I don’t think he wants to chance the risk of it being put on him,” Dermott laughed.

Despite sounding like he was having a blast torturing the other celebs, Dermott also said that while his time in the jungle was “a fantastic learning experience”, there were moments when he really struggled.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! S5 Dermott Breteron
Voodoo dolls and prank wars, Dermott was a constant source of fun in camp. Image: Network 10.

After the sugar rush of their second batch of contraband was discovered, Dermott said he went through a few days of hoping he would be chosen for a trial or challenge to stimulate him again.

“I flattened off emotionally and physically,” Dermott explained saying that the rapid weight loss began to also take a toll on him. “Then I went with Shane on the chest run and that picked me up no end and gave me a bit of drive again.”

“Here I am, ready to stay in and out I go!” he laughed.

The emotional and physical toll aside, the relationships he formed in the jungle were evident -- earning him nicknames like the Derminator or simply just the DILF.

But living in close quarters with the other celebs wasn’t the easiest task. “The volume of hours you spend with someone who is, at most, five meters away from you is equivalent to the same amount of time I’d spend with some of my close friends over two years,” he said.

That saturation of time spent together obviously would be a challenge, but Dermott was still positive about his experience in the jungle, even if it would probably be his last.

“I’m 54, heaven knows I might live another five years I might live another 40… I doubt I’d be going into an environment like this one again before I’m turning up my toes.”

“It was incredible, it was unbelievable, and it was fantastic,” he said.

“All those things rolled into one and it was a sheer experience that I’d never engaged in before… and never will again.”

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