I'm A Celebrity 2019: Homesick Shane Crawford Battles Tears

Usually one of the morale boosters in camp, an exhausted Shane Crawford fought back tears on Tuesday while speaking about the difficulties of being away from his family.

Admitting he was tired, Shane also said that after the letters from home arrived in camp he found the last few days more difficult to keep his head up.

“I really struggled,” he told Natasha Exelby.

Later, alone in the Tok Tokkie, Shane added that getting the photo and letter from his boys had made his time in the jungle harder, visibly fighting back tears as he spoke.

“Having photos of your kids has made it a bit tougher, I’ve found it… I’ve found it a lot harder not being able to talk to them” he said.

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Tash told Shane she had felt the same way explaining, “Sometimes I wonder, you’re sad because you’re missing them but then it’s like you feel guilt -- or something -- that you’re not there.”

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Homesick Shane Crawford Battles Tears
Tash and Shane bond over their shared heartache on being far from their families. Image: Network 10.

“It really is a tough challenge,” Shane said, “and we’re all in it together so we all have each other to lean on.”

"Hopefully we’ve made friends for life out of this.”

Despite his emotions, Shane was still able to look on the bright side as always, saying his boys would be loving watching him “eating, throwing up and being disgusting”.

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Earlier in the week, Shane was commended by Justin Lacko for his openness calling him a role model for younger men.

“A lot of masculine blokes out there who think [Shane’s] an Aussie legend and he’s so cool,” Justin said, “I think it’s really beautiful to kind of see that he does show a very soft and delicate nature to him as well.”

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