I'm A Celebrity 2019: 'I'd Rather Cheese Grate My Nipples': Angie Kent Shuts Down Jungle Romance

With a stack of singles in the camp this year, it may be surprising no sparks have flown, but for Angie, that's a relief.

After his chat with Justine about love after the jungle, Richard Reid grilled Angie on her chances in the camp.

Richard and Angie have become the closest of friends during their short time together on I’m A Celebrity, with Richard saying he wouldn’t even know how he’d have coped without the former Gogglebox star by his side.

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On Tuesday night the pair got even closer, discussing romance, heartbreak and -- of course -- Justin Lacko.

When Angie first entered the jungle Justin’s eyes lit up, and the Love Island lothario couldn’t hide his camp crush, but the feelings weren’t mutual when Angie revealed she’d “rather pash Dermott [Brereton]”.

Revealing she had never felt like she has had her heart broken, Angie told Richard, “I’m petrified of someone leaving me because I don’t know how I would bounce back from that… so I’ve never really gone there… it’s so unhealthy.”

Admitting she’s always been the one to break up with partners, Angie said she was “frightened of giving that kind of power to somebody”.

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Chalking it up to a fear of intimacy and of being hurt, Richard turned the conversation back to Justin.

“He’s probably got nothing else to work with so he’s just clutching on,” Angie said before admitting she could think of nothing worse than romance in the jungle.

“It’s hard enough starving, why would you want to have heartache?” Angie said. “You’re just gross all the time, worst taste in your mouth…”

"I actually couldn’t think of anything worse, I’d rather cheese grate my nipples.”

Well, that settles that. But here’s hoping this isn’t the last we hear about Angie’s search for love.

*cough #AngieForBachelorette cough*

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