I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang Felt Like An Intruder

She was only in the jungle for a week, but Katherine Kelly Lang made a massive impact on the campers.

With some of the other celebs describing Katherine as “a much-needed breath of fresh air”, the Bold and the Beautiful star jumped into camp life with both feet and with a massive smile on her face… mostly.

“I was having a good time but it was nerve-wracking,” Katherine told 10 daily just moments after she left the camp.

“Right away [the celebs] made me feel really welcome, all of them are so sweet, very different personalities but very interesting people,” she said.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! S5 Katherine Kelly Lang

Despite the warm welcome, especially from the likes of Richard Reid and Angie Kent, Katherine said she couldn’t quite get over a major disadvantage in her late arrival.

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“It felt hard just dropping in on everybody, having to do your detox by yourself,” she explained. The other campers have had more time to adjust to the lack of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and all that fun stuff.

“They’re already used to it and have formed their bonds, they know what to expect and everything was so new to me! And then to be kicked out so soon, I felt like I was thrown in and then yanked right back out!”

Katherine also explained that being the only person in the camp with no real context for the other celebs made it difficult for her to feel like she fit with the others. “It just felt like they were a family... I felt like I was a little bit of an intruder in some way.”

Still, despite all that, she stepped up to every challenge that was thrown her way including some very messy trials and confronting her very serious phobia.

Suffering from claustrophobia, or fear of small and confined spaces, Katherine wasn’t thrilled to learn she’d be arriving in camp via a box.

“I thought ‘Oh great, I’m entering the jungle AND I have to be in a box?’” she said, “Like I didn’t think I’d have to deal with the claustrophobia… at least not THAT soon!”

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“They were so sweet to cut a window out in the back of the box,” she said, “they made a little window so that, when I was sitting there waiting for them to walk back into camp I wouldn’t feel claustrophobic. I was able to look out the window and see there was an opening.”

Again during the Sunday Slam, Katherine was forced to crawl through a few tight tunnels that proved difficult for her, but after a few calming words from Justin Lacko, she was able to power through to earn 12 stars for the camp.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang Has A Ball During Her First Trial

“I couldn’t hesitate, because I knew that if I hesitated and thought about it and thought how am I going to do that -- I wouldn’t do it. So I just kept going.”

Katherine admitted that as a competitive person, she found the adrenaline of challenges took over, so when she was facing down the rolling balls of doom -- or some very different balls indeed -- she was able to look past fear and nerves.

“The experience as a whole was amazing,” she told 10 daily, “I mean when are you ever going to put yourself in that position? To have that opportunity and for that opportunity to go to something good. To bring awareness to your charity…”

“It also shows you a lot about yourself. What can you really handle, what are you really made of when you’re put in that position with so many things taken away from you,” Katherine said.

We sure got to see just what KKL is really made of, and it’s all gold.

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