I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Reveals He Was "So Scared" Of His Father Until He Was 17

The former ‘Love Island’ star opened up to Shane Crawford in a revealing chat.

On Monday Justin Lacko opened up to the AFL legend admitting that he felt like for most of his younger years he was raised by his mother -- while his father was constantly working.

“My dad was never there,” Justin said adding, “he was mister discipline. He would come home and be like, ‘What the f**k did you do at school today?’ Smack! That’s all I got from him.”

“I was so scared of him up until the age of like 17… couldn’t speak to him, didn’t want to look him in the eyes, always afraid,” he revealed.

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I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Reveals He Was "So Scared" Of His Father Until He Was 17
Justin and Shane opened up about their childhoods and their relationships with their parents. Image: Network 10.

Justin explained that after high school he started working for his dad’s concreting business full-time, modeling on the side. When his father pushed him to buy his first property the pair spent a year renovating.

“That’s when we connected,” he said, “and now we’re bestest friends.”

The conversation also spurred Shane to talk about his relationship with his own mum, who raised him and his two brothers as a single mother.

Saying he “can’t speak highly enough” of his mum, Shane spoke of her sacrifices for her three sons to have all the opportunities in life they wanted.

Her sacrifices were one of Shane’s driving motivations in life and in his AFL career, “I knew if we played well and we won… it would make her day, it would make her week” he said.

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The interaction between the pair also inspired Justin to call Shane a role model for young men.

“A lot of masculine blokes out there who think [Shane’s] an Aussie legend and he’s so cool, I think it’s really beautiful to kind of see that he does show a very soft and delicate nature to him as well.”

Justin has often spoken about masculinity and the way that he doesn’t conform to normal standards of what it means to be masculine -- which often leads people to make assumptions about his sexuality.

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In a slightly heated chat earlier in the camp with Richard Reid and Angie Kent, Justin became upset when the pair spoke about the rumours of his sexuality. “Someone’s sexuality is none of your business,” Justin said at the time.

“I don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business unless I choose to say it myself.”

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