I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang's Jungle Soap Opera Is Over

In the closest vote of 'I'm A Celeb' history our latest addition to the camp sadly said her farewells.

Katherine Kelly Lang may not have had the longest stay in the jungle but the Bold and the Beautiful star was all smiles despite having her stay in camp cut short.

From her surprise arrival in camp just a few days ago, KKL made a major impact on our celebs.

Trading her soap opera lifestyle for long-drops and tucker trials, Katherine gave everything a red hot go -- so long as it wasn’t mysterious dinner meats.

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Before heading into the jungle KKL told 10 daily she was anxious about what she was going to face but kept her chosen charity -- Breakaway from Cancer -- close in mind.

“I just want to turn and run! I do! But I’m not going to,” she said, “I’m going to go in and hopefully gather strength from everybody else in camp and be able to do whatever challenges come my way.”

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I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang's Jungle Soap Opera Is Over
Katherine Kelly Lang was bold AND beautiful during the Sunday Slam, taking home a full complement of stars. Image: Network 10.

And gather strength she did, facing several trials including the dreaded Sunday Slam -- and coming out as one of the few celebs to complete the obstacle course unmaimed.

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It was also an incredible moment for her, putting her genuine claustrophobia to the test as she crawled through tunnels all to earn stars for the celebs.

Her memory was also on the line alongside Tahir Bilgic in the terrifically funny Scrotal Recall challenge where the pair were dunked and coated in all sorts of horrible delights.

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But it was her time in camp that created the most buzz, with gossip guru Richard Reid and the enquiring mind of Natasha Exelby extracting all the tales of Hollywood from KKL who has spent the last three decades as one of the most famous daytime soap faces.

“The jungle really makes you appreciate what life is all about,” she said, “and the important things and that’s being there for others, giving back.”

While she was only in camp for a short amount of time, she was a massive breath of fresh air for our celebs and will be missed!

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