I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqui Lambie Farewells The Jungle

The former Tasmanian senator has had to give up her jungle citizenship as she’s the next to leave the jungle.

The third celeb to leave the jungle, Jacqui departs just a few days after her politician mate Sam Dastyari also said goodbye to camp life.

An outspoken part of the team, Jacqui and Sam had some memorable clashes on issues like the death penalty, refugees and moving the date of Australia Day, but the pair always remained mates first, clashing former politicians second.

While Jacqui also passed the time in camp provoking some of the other celebs -- most notably Justin Lacko -- she was also incredibly forthcoming with her past, telling others about her struggles following her time in the military, and the heartbreaking events leading up to an attempt on her own life.

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Jacqui revealed that part of her motivation to head into the jungle was because she didn’t have the money to run a campaign, but wanted to get her name and face back into the public eye, to reignite her political career.

After the dual citizenship saga forced her to step down from the Senate in 2017, Jacqui has used her time on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here to show that she’s not all talk -- she’s just as tough as her politics, if not tougher.

That strength really shone through during the tucker trials. In the second Sunday Slam, Jacqui and Justin managed to score all 12 stars for their campmates, but in doing so she injured herself quite seriously in the obstacle course.

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After receiving a big knock to the head resulting in a massive lump, Jacqui was rushed to a nearby hospital and cleared to continue her time in the jungle. Despite the risks to her health, she was still as fiery as ever, telling Dr Chris Brown, “I’ve had two kids mate and went through labour pain."

“I know that’s difficult for you men and you die when you’ve got the flu because you call it man flu,” she joked.

Her never-quit attitude and firm stances inspired campmate Natasha Exelby to come up with the unofficial slogan “Vote 1 Lambie, Tough as F**k”.

While her time in the jungle may be up, Jacqui promises that this won’t be the last we’ll see of her.

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