I'm A Celebrity 2019: Luke Jacobz Can't Stop Ordering Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just ask Luke Jacobz.

Every morning Luke wanders up to the Tok Tokkie to place his order for brekky, despite it already being decided that he -- and all the other celebs -- are having a mug full of oats.

10 Daily spoke to Alex Spurway, the producer lucky enough to receive Luke’s orders. Every. Single. Day.

“They are extremely detailed and he is always very thorough,” Alex told us, saying Luke’s orders can run up to 10 minutes long, depending on his appetite that morning.

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“He has literally asked for some of the most detailed breakfasts, from a strawberry milkshake with a very specific toastie, to a family favourite called ‘The Bloodclot’.”

While Luke orders his extremely detailed brekkies, Alex said she goes through a rollercoaster of emotions -- enjoying the show he’s putting on, but heartbroken she can’t actually deliver him “the bloodclot” or whatever else he’s ordered for that day.

“We go through it together. I think he gets a kick out of my reaction after his order. He always tries to top it from the day before," she said.

From the brand of butter he’d like right down to the very specific way he wants his Milo made, Luke doesn’t skimp on ANY of the details.

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“I always joke about how full I am or how the waiter today is taking their sweet ass time,” Alex said, “but if it helps get him through the small amount of rations they receive each day... I'm happy to indulge.”

Despite his creativity, after making himself (and us) very hungry, Luke has to wander back to camp and enjoy his daily ration of oats.

Still, check out one of his shorter orders in the video above. And next time you cut your toast on a diagonal, do it for a very hungry Luke.

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