I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Is Officially The Tucker Trial King

The Australian public voted… and voted and voted and voted, putting Justin in the record books.

Love him or REALLY love him, Justin Lacko has proven himself as the champion of trials this season. Sure, he may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that when it comes to trials he brings it home every time.

Literally, he brings home win after win.

Barely breaking a sweat during some intense eating challenges, being thrown into tanks of freezing cold water, playing basketball suspended over a cliff and conquering the Sunday Slam a whopping three times, Justin is not just the king of the trials, but a world record holder.

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After being voted into 10 trials over the course of his time in the jungle, Justin is now the world record holder for most number of publically voted trials worldwide.

“I feel absolutely over the moon,” the world record holder said after the trial, “I’m sure my parents are really happy for me too”.

Later, remarking on his world record sash he received as part of the celebration Justin lamented, “...I mean… I wish it was silk, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

And sure, it would be no fun if we didn’t (lovingly) take the piss out of Justin and his never-ending supply of incredible quotes, but it’s undeniable that when he gets into trial mode he’s also a massive team player.

During last week’s Sunday Slam, after she injured her head, Jacqui Lambie was basically carried to the finish by the former Love Island star. Similarly on Sunday Katherine Kelly Lang began to have a meltdown before the slam had even begun.

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“I didn’t even think I could start,” KKL told the campers after she and Justin returned from the trial, “Justin kind of talked me through it,” she added.

Not only has our trial master impressed his campmates time and time again, but he’s also won a few viewers over.

Well... not ALL viewers.

Congratulations Justin on your amazing record. We’re sure this isn’t the last sash you’ll win either. Hopefully the next one is silk.

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