I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang Has A Ball During Her First Trial

The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ star couldn’t be further from her soap opera comforts, but that hasn’t stopped her from embracing camp life, and getting down and dirty in her first trial.

Making quite the entrance when she joined the camp on Monday, Katherine Kelly Lang was lucky to avoid having to face any of the trials of the week… So far. But all that changed on Thursday when she and Tahir Bilgic were thrown into Scrotal Recall, a trial as gross as the name implies.

The pair were faced with a grid of 16 images and had to memorise them before taking their seats above dunk tanks filled… With bull testicles. Taking turns, Dr. Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris would ask Katherine and Tahir where an image was.

Each time one of them got a question wrong, the other celeb would have something terrible dropped on them like elephant urine, rotten egg or the dreaded fermented herring aka Surströmming. They would then be dropped into the ball soup. Truly rough stuff.

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I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang Has A Ball During Her First Trial
Coming soon to Network 10, Katherine Kelly Lang starring in The Balls And The Beautiful. Image: Network 10.

Despite only getting a measly three stars, the pair were in great spirits -- especially considering a huge vat full of bull testicles can’t be the most pleasant stench.

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Even though she was covered with all sorts of disasters, dunked in ball juice and left with barely a handful of stars, KKL still came out beaming.

Here’s hoping she was able to have a soap opera of a different kind… You know… one where she washed the maggots out of her hair.

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