I'm A Celebrity 2019: Celebs Call Out "Bossy" Ellen DeGeneres

While discussing the various celebrities Richard has interviewed, once again touching on his favourites, the question came up as to who was less great to chat to.

Earlier in the series, Richard was asked a similar question where he revealed that Tommy Lee Jones was one of his least favourite interviews -- but this time around, he was ready to dish some dirt on another big name.

After Angie asked -- in the most Angie way possible -- who else in the industry was “a moll”, Richard responded, whispering in case her spies could hear him out in the jungle, that Ellen DeGeneres is “not nice”.

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“I’ve heard that before,” Katherine said, “she’s great to watch and on her show and everything but I think her personality is completely different when you get her behind the scenes.”

“I’ve heard it’s hard to work on her show,” Richard added before Katherine asked if it was “because she’s very bossy or something”.

Rumours of Ellen’s difficult behaviour came to a boiling point late in 2017, when Radar Online published a “source” who claimed the comedian and daytime talk show host treated her staff “as if they are her peasants”.

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Ellen was asked about the rumours by the New York Times, calling them “an outright lie”.

Meanwhile, Angie was shocked by the news that Ellen may not be the happy-go-lucky host she appears.

“I’m glad to hear that someone else has heard that,” Richard said to Katherine.

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