I'm A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby Opens Up About "Huge Impact" Of War Correspondence

Speaking to her campmates, Natasha Exelby revealed the hardships of her career and the difficulties of working as a war correspondent.

On Wednesday, Tash was asked by Shane Crawford how she is able to “switch off” after working in incredibly difficult situations.

“I think that the moment you stop being moved by seeing those things,” Tash told Shane, “that’s when you’ve got something wrong.”

“I definitely got to points where you walk past a pile of dead bodies and are okay, but then it’s what haunts you after that,” she continued.

While understanding that leaving Australia and heading to countries that may be facing atrocities would be difficult, Tash told her campmates that she wasn’t expecting how hard it would be on her return.

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“There are things that I have seen and experienced in my career that have rocked me to the core,” she said.

Tash stunned her campmates with stories of having to do a live cross right before breaking down in tears after a young girl who had been hit by chemical weapons had given her a flower.

“I just walked off and I started sobbing… I had a producer who came up to me and said ‘Get your head back in the game because nothing good will come of you sobbing here,’ so I’ve always thought about that.”

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I'm A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby Opens Up About "Huge Impact" Of War Correspondence

In 2011, Tash went to Afghanistan to cover the war, she worked for a year in Istanbul and covered the Paris attacks for seven hours. She has covered the war in Syria, the terror attacks in Brussels and was live on-air during a Turkish coup which evacuated her office.

“Many of the assignments that I’ve been on -- good and bad -- have had a huge impact on who I am and how I think,” she said.

“No one ever goes to their grave going, ‘Gee I wish I laughed less’,” the reporter said.

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It was then that Tash admitted that thought had really motivated her to take the plunge into the jungle. “Whenever you have a chance to laugh over something ridiculous… you just gotta lap that stuff up.”

“That’s what forms the best part of your life, isn’t it?”

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