I'm A Celebrity 2019: Dermott Brereton's Heartbreaking Close Call With Bali Bombings

On Wednesday Dermott Brereton opened up about his close call with the 2002 Bali Bombings.

Telling campmates that he and around six of his mates had gone on a surfing trip at the time, Dermott says he met an American woman named Karri Casner.

“We had a great time with her, she had been backpacking through Asia,” Dermott said, telling campers that every night they were in Bali they would go to the Sari Club.

Dermott said that on the night he and his mates were due to fly out of Bali they planned one last stop in at the Sari Club, but their driver refused to wait for them. Saying they could either go straight to the airport or he’d leave their bags out the front while they ran into the club, Dermott and his mates decided to say their farewells to Karri and go straight to their flight.

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Saying they swapped emails, Dermott explained he and his mates began to head to the airport when they heard a loud explosion.

“We go on towards the airport, drive about 500 metres down the road, turn left at the corner, hear this boom,” he said. “Nothing, then another lesser explosion, so we keep going to the airport.”

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I'm A Celebrity 2019: Dermott Brereton's Heartbreaking Close Call With Bali Bombings
The camp were stunned in silence during Dermott Brereton's heartbreaking story of the Bali bombings. Image: Network 10.

Once they landed in Melbourne Dermott was approached by reporters who were the ones to inform him of the bombings at the club which killed more than 200 people, 88 of which were Australians.

Two days after attempting to make contact with Karri, Dermott received a response -- but it was from her father who was trying to find his daughter.

“I said she showed me her ring that had a great big turquoise stone in it,” Dermott said before telling the camp that the next day he received another email from William, Karri’s father, saying he was able to identify her by the turquoise ring. She had died in the attacks.

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“Thereafter, myself and my mates got together and wrote endless scripts of her last couple of days,” he said which he then sent on to her father, “filled in every blank for every minute we could of her last couple of days.”

Dermott also said her sister now wears the turquoise ring around her neck to remember Karri who was 23 at the time of the attack.

The heartbreaking story had his campmates stunned in silence.

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