Matty J Told Us How He Wound Up Auditioning For The Bachelor

Turns out, Matty Johnson is highly susceptible to the power of Osher Gunsberg's charms!

The Bachelor star stopped by Studio 10 to explain the Sliding Doors moment that led him to fall in love with Laura Byrne on national telly in 2017.

Johnson said that he'd returned home to Australia after a stint in London and was supposed to be fixing up his résumé and hunting around for a new job.

But fate intervened and a *life changing* advertisement caught his attention.

"... Osher popped up on the TV and I was setting up my CV, looking for a job," Johnson explained. "And Osher said, 'Are you looking for love?' and I thought, 'Well, I am!'" he said optimistically.

"What other ads did you take that literally?" Angela Bishop jokingly asked the Bach favourite.

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Matty said after he popped in his application for The Bachelorette (before being picked as the 2017 Bachelor) he happened to see two very good omens on a walk in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

"I put in my application and I was in Bondi and I saw Sam and Snez," Johnson said of the 2015 Bachelor faves.

"And I saw them as a couple and I thought, 'Wouldn’t it be crazy if my application got approved and I met someone amazing?'"

And he did! Now, he's expecting a baby with Laura Byrne in early June and is encouraging everyone to take a chance on love and apply to audition (before Feb 3!) for this year's Bachelor. 

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"If you're thinking about it, I recommend it!" said Matty.

Johnson has been doing his best to help gf Laura through her pregnancy -- including doing some grocery shopping for some ~unusual~ food requests.

"The [shopping] runs I would do would be for Maggi noodles and for lime cordial," Matty J laughed.

"Nothing at midnight though!" said Laura. "At very reasonable times of the day so far. I need to start putting up my diva antics a little more," she joked.

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The pair have decided to keep the gender of their baby a secret until the big day, although if it was up to Matty, he would have been "keen" to find out. "

"But I was the one who wanted the surprise," said Laura.

"When you’re the pregnant woman, you get to make most of the calls!" she said.

Main Image: Network 10