I'm A Celebrity 2019: Luke Jacobz Recounts The Time Lindsay Lohan Drunk Texted Him

It’s no secret that Luke has the good looks and charm to win anyone over, but on Tuesday night he revealed he stood up the A-lister.

It was like watching gossip guru Richard Reid strike gold when Luke revealed he was once picked up by Lindsay Lohan.

According to Luke, he was walking down the street in Los Angeles -- where he spends most of his time -- when Lindsay spotted him, did a U-turn mounting the gutter and pulled over to say a quick hello.

"I was a 100 percent complete random to Miss Lohan,” Luke admitted, "which I thought was hilarious.”

During the time Lindsay was allowed to still stay at the Chateau Marmont -- one of West Hollywood’s favourite hotspots for A-listers and wannabes alike -- Luke and a few of his mates were at The Den on Sunset having a few drinks.

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To refresh your memory; back in 2012, it was revealed that Lindsay was banned from the Chateau after practically living there for several months, racking up an unpaid bill of almost $50,0000. The Parent Trap star was asked to vacate the Chateau, return a hotel’s laptop she had taken and was no longer welcome in the restaurant of the property either.

Her ban seemed to be lifted a few months later when the Mean Girls star was spotted back at her favourite haunt later that year.

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“We were at the Den and Lindsay started texting,” Luke told Richard, explaining that as the afternoon went on the texts became more and more frequent, escalating to the point where Lindsay gave him her room number.

“I don’t know whether I was playing hard to get, I think I was possibly a little bit intimidated,” he said describing her as getting “drunker and drunker” as the night went on.

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While Luke and his mates ended up going to the Chateau for a drink, he ultimately made the decision not to message Lindsay back… at least not that night.

“I think I text messaged a few months later saying just saying Hey, how are you’ maybe wanted to see if I still had a chance,” he admitted saying that sadly there was no response.

Still, it isn’t all bad news for Luke, who is currently engaged to American Raychel Stuart.

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