I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Hits Out: 'Someone's Sexuality Is Their Business'

The model and former ‘Love Island’ star opened up about assumptions on his sexuality during his time in camp.

Justin’s time in the jungle has been fascinating to watch as audiences at home thought they could torture the adorable lip-balm addict by pushing him into every trial.

Even his campmates were unsure what to make of Justin. The jungle’s most recent evictee, Sam Dastyari, was fascinated with both Justin as a person and the public’s love/hate relationship with him.

But one thing that has hung around the lovable model are rumours of his sexuality, with many claiming that due to his feminine attributes he must be gay.

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Speaking to Richard Reid and Angie Kent, Justin spoke about how the ongoing rumours have affected him, including his relationships with close family.

Revealing that he no longer speaks to his grandmother, Justin told Richard and Angie that one year she told his mum, “I think it’s time we admitted that Justin is gay and in the closet.”

"It’s just like… to hear that from my nanna,” Justin said to his campmates, “it sounded like my nanna was telling my mum who I was… and my mum didn’t even stick up for me.”

Richard pushed Justin on the issue, pointing out that many people speculate on Justin’s sexuality, wondering why his grandmother’s suggestion of him being gay was enough to cut off communication.

“You feel like your grandmother should have asked you directly if you were gay?” Richard asked him.

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“If she felt like it was something that she wanted to talk about in general,” Justin responded.

Richard pressed on telling Justin, “Unless she’s done something else to wrong you, I think for her to ask the question… that other people have asked heaps of times, I don’t see what the problem is unless you felt it was mean-spirited?”

“Someone’s sexuality is none of your business,” Justin said, “I don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business unless I choose to say it myself.”

The conversation seemed to upset Justin as Richard continued to ask if that was enough to cut his grandmother off, with the model saying he didn’t want to talk about it anymore telling the gossip guru, “Obviously I don’t think we’re going to meet eye-to-eye.”

“I don’t feel like I’m going to be sitting here and then I’m going to have two people just disagreeing with me,” he said.

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This isn’t the first time Justin’s sexuality has been discussed on TV, during his time on Love Island his masculinity was questioned with many of the other men on the series saying that they believed he was gay.

One of the contestants who was eliminated at the same time as Justin -- Elias Chigros -- reportedly started rumours that he was gay during his time in the house.

Justin spoke to The Herald Sun following the rumours saying, “Maybe I was not masculine enough, not blokey enough, not crude enough”.

During his time in the jungle, Justin has been very open about his search for love, saying he’s already applied for The Bachelor and hopes to settle down soon, even if his short-lived flirtation with Angie seems to have ended for good.

Later, Richard described Justin as a “straight man trapped in a gay man’s body”.

“You know what I am,” Richard said to Angie, “I’m a gay man trapped in a gay man’s body.”

“I’m a gay man trapped in a straight girl’s body!” she joked back.

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