The Most Ridiculous 2019 Super Bowl Commercials So Far

The only time of the year you'll see Sarah Michelle Gellar in a horror-themed skin care ad and The Backstreet Boys singing about Doritos.

The Super Bowl is all about football (and the half-time show, duh)  but it's also like the advertising Olympics, when brands throw fistfuls of money at celebs to spruik chips and soft drink!

Every year, advertising execs recruit a A-listers for what is usually the most-watched TV event of the year. According to Bloomberg, a 30-second ad spot in the prime time broadcast costs about $7 million AUD -- and that's on top of the bonkers cost of talent and production for some of these wild concepts.

While some commercials won't be seen in full until game day on Sunday Feb 3 (Monday Feb 4 in Aus), here are some of the most ridiculous teaser clips that have been released so far.

Sex And The City MEETS The Big Lebowski 

The unlikely duo of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges has paired up to recreate their most iconic roles -- Carrie Bradshaw, and The Dude.

Stella Artois is trying to make us believe that the two characters are saying "Non, merci" to their signature drinks (a Cosmopolitan and a White Russian, of course) in favour of a glass of beer? We're just not buying it.

"Changing can do a little good," the jellies wearing Dude concedes as he raises a glass to SJP.

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A Trio Of WTF For Pepsi

Pepsi has tried in vain to make us forget about that time Kendall brokered world peace with a can of the brown nectar by writing Steve Carell, Lil Jon and Cardi B into one bizarre video. 

The ad riffs on a scene we've all encountered -- when you ask for a Coke, only to be told that you'll just have to make do with Pepsi.

We're not entirely sure why Carell decided this would be his creative follow up to Beautiful Boy but here we are!  Plus, the talents of Lil Jon and Cardi B are criminally under-utilised.

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Chance The Rapper And The Backstreet Boys

Doritos blew their budget out in the best way, delivering us the most visually pleasing Super Bowl ad so far. The clips features Chance The Rapper drag racing, a dancing pit crew clad in hot pink and The Backstreet Boys performing in an airline hangar. The '90s banger features Chance rapping some delicious new lyrics about Doritos Flaming Hot Nacho flavoured chippies.

"Ooh, hot stuff all over my nachos/Walkin' like a taco/Driving over potholes/Hotter than a pot roast," Chance sings.

Pure poetry.

Plus, Chance becoming the sixth Backstreet Boy to learn the "I Want It That Way" choreography is actually a pretty solid way to spend your advertising dollars.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Killer Skin

In the past, Olay ads have featured women singing about how much they love washing their faces, and dogs that test out whether you've been moisturising, for some reason.

The Olay dog (YouTube).

But for their big Super Bowl commercial this year, the skin care brand has decided to take a whole different approach -- terrifying their customers with these Scream-themed vids starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"This Super Bowl, there’s more at stake than you think," Olay warns in the series of clips that are actually very scary!

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Zoë Kravitz Doing ASMR

This is the ad for you if you're into the unique experience that ~autonomous sensory meridian response~ videos deliver.

Kravitz has followed in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, Margot Robbie and Jake Gyllenhaal in recording whispery voiceovers and creating spine-tingling sounds for the internet.

Floating on a wooden platform in the middle of a rain forest, the Big Little Lies star makes some seriously intense eye contact with the camera as she drums her nails on the neck of an organic beer.

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2 Chainz And Adam Scott Singing About Tax Returns

The Super Bowl ad in which 2 Chainz raps about expensive purchases he's made (like a golden toilet!) and Adam Scott (Parks And Recreation, The Good Place) reminds him to correctly store his receipts to hit up a juicy tax return.

Michael Bublé Vandalises Sparkling Water Cans

Because who wouldn't want a soft drink named after them? Especially when it's just a matter of crossing out the 'Y' in Bubly to make it much more jazzy, Bublé.

The Super Bowl LIII takes place this Sunday February 3, Monday afternoon Australian time.

Main Image: YouTube.