Meet The 2019 Cast Of Dancing With The Stars

Shall we dance?

Dancing With The Stars is coming to 10!

Premiering February 18 at 7:30 pm, Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller will be hosting the sparkly extravaganza as we get ready to watch 11 celebs compete, trying to cha-cha their way to the top. Is that enough dance puns? Probably!

Today we can tell you exactly which stars are ready to dazzle us with their dance moves. We've got comedians and actors, chefs and more! We've also got an Aussie first, as drag superstar, and our former Australian Idol queen, Courtney Act will become the first male celeb to be paired with a male professional dancer.

In classic Courtney fashion, she said:

"My balls…. of my feet have been very sore. I’m used to high heels hurting but my feet are killing me already.”

As well as Samuel Johnson, Sir Curtly Ambrose and Cassandra Thorburn, we've also got the fitness icon herself, Michelle Bridges, ready to dance the nights away, and it sounds like she's ready to party!

“At a wedding recently, I was on the dance floor all night to the point where I busted my heel and like any good Aussie girl, I threw my shoes into the corner and kept going!” she told 10.

While Michelle's sure to be fierce competition, comedian Denise Scott reckons we shouldn't count her out too soon, though.

“People do like to cheer on the underdog," she said, adding: "Surely being the oldest in something doesn’t make you an underdog, it just makes you old.”

Olympia Valance is switching up her role on Playing For Keeps by getting ready to Dance For Keeps (hah, see what we did there?!), and she's ready to take the moves she learns with her into the real world.

“I’ve watched the show every year and I wanted to try something that I’ve never done before," she said. "How cool would it be to whip out a freaking tango at a salsa bar?”

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Jett Kenny -- a competitive lifesaver and model -- is also ready for a new challenge, and upped the ante for himself by going in a newbie to the dance world.

“My sister who has danced her whole life told me to go and get basic lessons, but I saw it as more of a challenge to start from scratch,” Jett shared.

Good food is an art, and dance is an art, but is there a cross-section between the two? Miguel Maestre knows food and TV, but it remains to be seen whether those skills will come in handy on the dance floor.

“Everyone is looking at me like this bowl of jamón rolling around the dancefloor!” he exclaimed.

Children's presenter Jimmy Rees, who you may know as Jimmy Giggle, meanwhile, isn't as concerned with winning as he is about just getting through it all.

“My family are very excited, I think they have high expectations for me which I’m trying to lower,” he said.

And finally, we have Constance Hall, an author and social media sensation who's ready to serve us entertainment.

“I was surprised when first approached but then I realised ‘no, of course, they want me there, everyone needs someone to laugh at’," she said. "That’s their angle so I’ll give it to them.”

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday, February 18 at 7:30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.

Feature image: 10