I'm A Celebrity 2019: Yvie Jones Breaks Record During Return Of Terrifying Trial

It’s one of the most terrifying trials in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ history, and this year the return of the Viper Room came with a twist, and a broken record.

Yvie and Luke were tasked with facing the trial that has tested some of I’m A Celeb’s strongest characters, but this year the pair had to tackle even more than they were expecting.

Rather than having both celebs in the underground pit that gradually fills with snakes, this time Luke was forced to navigate some cramped tunnels, looking for stars in a series of holes filled with all sorts of fun surprises.

From a hedgehog to hairless rats to some very angry scorpions, Luke managed to score all six stars before joining Yvie in the aptly named Viper Room.

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Yvie meanwhile had to lay in the chamber full of snakes for however long it took Luke to find the stars -- and then that time again in order to earn her six stars. So after eight minutes and 15 seconds, Luke’s time stopped, meaning Yvie had a further eight minutes and 15 seconds to lay in the pit… in the dark.

Battling snakes slithering up her legs, across her face and her “milk jugs” (as she put it), Yvie managed to keep her cool in an otherwise terrifying trial.

Fans at home were less thrilled about the trial’s return, freaking out on their behalf.

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Not only that, but because of the new trial set-up, Yvie managed to break a record for longest time spent in the pit, she is now the record holder for the longest time spent in the viper room -- totalling at 16 and a half minutes.

“I’m not sure how I’m feeling,” Yvie said after the trial, “I still feel like there’s snakes on me… I wanted to move so much so I just can’t stop moving now.”

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