I'm A Celebrity 2019: Katherine Kelly Lang Discusses #MeToo In Camp

Shortly after her arrival in camp, Katherine Kelly Lang opened up to the celebs about the effects of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

The California native was asked about her career and family history in the industry.

Katherine’s grandfather, Charles Lang, received a total of 18 Academy Award nominations during his career for Best Cinematography. In 1932 he won for his work on A Farewell to Arms.

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While discussing her career the conversation turned to the recent movements in Hollywood like #MeToo.

“It was definitely necessary,” Katherine said adding, “In many aspects, not just that world,” referring to the industry.

"Definitely there was just so much evil going behind the scenes that was so hush-hush for such a long time that it was important,” she continued.

In 2017, at the height of the accusations against the likes of disgrace Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, one of Katherine’s co-stars, Linsey Godfrey -- who played Caroline Spencer from 2012 to 2018, came forward with her own #MeToo story.

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“In light of what’s happening in the news over the past few days with Harvey Weinstein, as I learn more about the victims and their accounts, listening to him brush it off in recorded tapes, realising that people turned a blind eye... I suddenly felt a weight in my chest, a knot in my stomach,” Linsey wrote in a statement posted to Instagram, “I am a sexual abuse survivor.”

Saying that many of the revelations that came out of the #MeToo movement were shocking, back in camp Katherine added that some of the stories were less surprising.

“Even Cosby… he was horrible. But I think a lot of people knew about what he was doing but nobody ever said anything,” Katherine said, “but the fact that that was kept quiet for so long… how?!”

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The conversation truly sparked some strong responses from many, especially the prying mind of Natasha Exelby who later admitted she still had so many questions for Katherine.

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