I'm A Celebrity 2019: Crew Member Attacked By Spitting Cobra

The celebs aren’t the only ones facing some jungle scaries -- we met one crew member who came face-to-face with a spitting cobra.

Savannah Geldenhuys is a Trials Associate Producer on this season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and during her time on the series, she’s faced off against a few of the creepy crawlies the celebs have to face.

Part of being a trials producer means Savannah helps test trials, but the snakes used in trials are definitely not deadly. Not like the Mozambique spitting cobra she was attacked by.

The same kind of snake that was found in the camp just last week -- forcing the celebs to evacuate so they could remove the incredibly dangerous snake. It was lucky for the celebs that the cameras picked up on the intruder as its bite -- though venomous -- is only part of the reason why it’s considered one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa.

The snake’s main defence mechanism is spitting venom -- living up to its name.

Savannah told 10 daily that there had been sightings of the snake before she saw it, putting her on high-alert.

“The night before I saw the snake we heard our neighbours, they had seen the snake and it had vanished,” she said.

Describing the bite of a Mozambique spitting cobra as “one of the most horrible bites,” the Lead Animal Wrangler on I’m A Celeb, Marc Murray also explained what would happen if one did bite you.

“It’s neurotoxic so your breathing will start shutting down, you might start losing eyesight,” Marc said.

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The venom, when spat, is most painful when hit in the eyes, and Marc also told us that there had been tests done where people had painted eyes on their knees to see if the cobras would aim for the knees -- and according to Marc they did.

Meanwhile, Savannah says while she was taking the laundry in, she was so preoccupied with watching out for the snake on the ground she never noticed it laying on top of a small wall in front of her.

“You just feel this spray so of course, first, you think it’s rain or the gutter or something,” Savannah said, “and I kind of rubbed my eyes and as I looked up it’s just blurry and there’s a snake right in front of me.”

Luckily Savannah’s boyfriend was nearby, as was Marc, and medics only took a few minutes to respond flushing the venom out of her eyes.

Thankfully, due to the quick response, after a few days of swollen eyes, Savannah was back to planning more trials for our celebs.

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