I'm A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby Remains Queen Of Trial Trash Talk

Though she appears like one of the more serious campmates, as soon as Natasha Exelby steps into a trial, the queen of trash talk cracks us up every time.

It was the burn heard around the jungle when during the Breakfast in Bed challenge, Tash ruthlessly described our Dr Chris Brown as “a fake doctor with a weird jaw”.

But the zingers haven’t stopped there -- every time Tash is taken out of camp and heads to a trial we get to see the queen of trash talk firing off another round.

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During the shockingly funny challenge where the celebs were hooked up to electrodes, Dr Chris once again found himself the target, as she made a few jabs while attempting the electrifying obstacle course.

But on Monday’s trial, Trubble Bath, Tash didn’t focus on just the doctor, everyone was victim to her ire.

Sure, the trial may have been a bit of a soapy stitch-up -- with the celebs thinking they were going to take a 1,300 meter plunge off the side of a cliff -- but when Tash was wheeled back from the brink she turned her attention to the entire crew.

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“All of you have been in on this,” she said after getting out of the bath, “Like, there’s an Oscar in here for Best Actor and it doesn’t even have to be the host, like… all of you crew!”

Despite not winning any stars in the trial, Tash still delivered some incredible laughs and we are obsessed with her trial trash talk. Luckily we’re not the only ones.

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