I'm A Celebrity 2019: Yvie Jones Breaks Down In Tears Over The Death Of Her Mum

Yvie has had the camp cracking up, but in a heartfelt moment she broke down, telling campmates about the death of her mum.

Speaking to Luke Jacobz and Justin Lacko, Yvie told them her mother had passed away two years ago. As they shared stories about eulogising their parents, Yvie revealed that before her mum had died, she asked her to share the stories of her life, things she hadn’t told her before.

Yvie’s mum died of lung cancer just weeks after her diagnosis.

“Everyone was in shock, she was in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk,” Yvie said, “she only had half of one lung left that she could use… and she looked great. She really looked great, she actually looked better than she had in years.”

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Revealing that her mum had made the decision to die at home in palliative care, Yvie also said her mother’s death was incredibly difficult on her dad, who was in denial.

Yvie began to tear up as she told Luke about her final conversations with her mum.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Yvie Jones Breaks Down In Tears Over The Death Of Her Mum
Yvie tearfully recounted the last conversation she had with her mum before she died of lung cancer. Image: Network 10.

“I don’t revisit it much just because it was so incredibly difficult and so quick and so painful,” she said later.

“We spoke about what happens to us when we die,” she tearfully confessed, “and then I was so exhausted I should have stayed in with mum… I went to bed and in the morning I got up… I went in and mum was asleep.”

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“I sat with her, I just went and sat and I went, ‘Mum’ but she wouldn’t answer me anymore, so I said ‘Mum if you can hear me… if you want to go, you go because we’re okay and it’s time for you to go'.”

“I said 'I love you more than anything in the world',” she recalled, sharing that she also sang to her mum -- the same song her mum sang to her own father before he died.

Describing watching her mum take her last breath, Yvie tearfully recounted waiting for minutes by her bedside.

After her mum’s death, Yvie had to go through the difficult task of making sure all of her accounts were closed, but found that when she was closing her mum’s phone account, they offered her a special service they offer for the family of deceased customers.

According to Yvie, a rep at the phone company said that before they wiped the account they could send over her mum’s voicemail.

In true Yvie fashion, she then added, “And I can’t find that f**king email for the life of me.”

Luke has been a kind ear for many in the camp, last week bonding with Tahir Bilgic over the death of his father.

“It’s a cathartic feeling to release,” Yvie said, adding, “when you have someone like Luke who will hold your hand and help you release that… it’s really beautiful.”

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