I'm A Celebrity 2019: #NestWatch Ends In Tragedy

It was the viral sensation that had the internet captivated, but the digital ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ spin-off #NestWatch had a tragic end.

Early in the series, a small nest was spotted just above the camp. Home to two African Paradise Flycatchers and their three eggs, live-streams of the nest -- affectionately known as Nest Watch -- drew massive audiences.

The first of the streams reached over 70,000 viewers, with those numbers growing. Soon the eggs hatched and viewers were treated to a full family of Flycatchers.

But, as if by the hands of George R. R. Martin or some other demented genius, things were not meant to be.

Yes, the law of the jungle can be cruel.

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Late Sunday evening the nest was attacked by a boomslang snake, and unfortunately, none of the young birds survived.

Boomslang is Afrikaans for “tree snake” so you won’t be surprised to find that boomslangs often are found in trees and shrubs, and only found on the ground when searching for food or to bask. This particular snake didn’t need to leave the heights for a meal.

The video above shows the unfortunate end, and may be graphic to some viewers, however for those looking for the wretched conclusion, we thought it best to first issue you a warning.

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