I'm A Celebrity 2019: The Bold And The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang Enters The Jungle

After playing Brooke Logan for more than 30 years, Katherine Kelly Lang will be trading soap opera for jungle fever.

Speaking to 10 daily before heading into the camp to meet the other celebs, Katherine said she was incredibly nervous to be leaving the world of melodramatic turns and open-hand slaps for a bunk in the African jungle.

“I’m very nervous,” she admitted, “I am. It’s like, what am I doing, you know?”

While her major motivation for heading into the camp was the idea of hopefully winning the title of Queen of the Jungle for her charity, Breakaway from Cancer, the Bold and the Beautiful star added, “Now that I’m here and it’s getting closer… I just want to turn and run!”

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“But I’m not going to,” she continued, “I’m going to go in and hopefully gather strength from everybody else in camp and be able to do whatever challenges come my way.”

While Katherine has many passions that see her travelling the world -- from horseback riding to competing in Ironman triathlons and cycling races -- she said moving into the jungle with a handful of strangers is “something totally different”.

“You have no control,” she said, “once you go in, you’re at the mercy of whatever’s going on. I have no idea what’s out there.”

And while she may come up against some challenges that will force her to confront her fears, creepy crawlies or outrageous menu items, Katherine said one of her biggest fears was being in such close quarters with the other celebs.

“It’s one of the things that frightens me. I like people -- but to a certain extent, you know?” the California native shared, adding: “Being that close to people for a long time… it could be hard, I don’t know. I’ll have to get to know these people, be gracious and be part of the team!”

As mentioned, Katherine’s chosen charity is Breakaway from Cancer, an organisation that aims to increase awareness of resources available for those affected by cancer.

“It’s personal for me because my father passed away from cancer when I was 13,” Katherine said. According to the actor, there were only a few months between her father’s diagnosis of colon cancer to his death.

“I just remember how there was nobody there to help. Now there’s a lot more support but it really bothered me, since I was a little girl and really missing my dad,” she said, “I always thought I want to find a charity that I can connect with, that I can help.”

Katherine’s grandfather and grandmother also died from colon cancer and her maternal grandmother died of lung cancer, so her work with Breakaway is very personal to her. “They’re really amazing, they do so much for the people that are struggling with cancer,” she said, “they’re very dear to my heart.”

While Katherine will be hoping to raise money for Breakaway from Cancer during her time in the jungle, she also uses her clothing line -- Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans -- as well as hosting an annual dinner and silent auction, and bus tours for Bold and the Beautiful fans with proceeds also going toward Breakaway for Cancer.

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