I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari Says Politics Is Like Eating A Bull's Testicle

We caught up with the second celeb to be booted from the jungle where he chatted redemption, responsibility and just what on Earth is going on with Justin Lacko.

“We have no idea what’s going on [with Justin]” an energised Sam said to 10 daily just moments after he had left the I’m A Celebrity camp. “It’s fascinating, no one is quite sure if [the public] love him or hate him!”

Barely into the questioning portion of the chat, Sam waxed lyrical on the former Love Island star and model who has captivated audiences at home for all sorts of reasons.

“Most of the camp sees both sides of him,” he continued, “He’s hilarious, funny, charming and he’s completely not self-aware. It’s quite endearing.”

“Yesterday he asked me what a philosopher was. He had literally never heard of a philosopher.”

But we weren’t there to talk about Justin, despite being able to do so for hours on end. We wanted to know how the controversial former politician had thought of his time in the jungle.

While Sam expected it to be difficult, he was surprised at what turned out to be the hardest part of the whole experience.

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“You expect to be scared by spiders snakes, lizards,” he said, “that’s the kind of thing you expect, but the hardest thing is being away from everybody and being locked up, stuck in your own mind.”

“In a weird way it gets a bit harder when you’re just there and stuck in your own mind the whole time,” he continued,” that can be a very, very dark and scary place.”

Describing his time in the jungle as his mid-life crisis, Sam was forced to confront many of his scandals, skeletons in his closet and own demons head-on. Discussing his career’s downfall, the breakdown of his marriage, his relationships both professional and personal, the 35-year-old said he found the experience shockingly self-reflective.

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“I think I got more out of the experience than I realised, I thought it would just be a fun thing to do over summer but it turned out to be much more significant,” he told 10 daily.

“I made a decision that I was going to be myself, and I hope that came across -- it may or may not -- but I wasn’t going to try and hide behind a veneer of something that I wasn’t.”

“I’ve got a lot of skeletons, I’ve done a lot of things I”m not proud of, I ruined my career, ruined my family and part of the journey in the jungle was me taking responsibility for that. “

As for the now infamous Meal of Fortune where Sam, Justin, Dermott and Shane all had to eat a bull’s testicle in order to win the camp the stars needed for their meals -- we asked the former politician if that was more difficult than life in politics.

“Some would say being in politics is like eating a bull’s testicle, so in a way, I was always ready..”

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