I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqui Lambie Rushed To Hospital After Trial Injury

During the Sunday Slam trial, Jacqui Lambie suffered a major head injury resulting in her needing further medical care.

Jacqui was nominated to complete the course alongside Justin Lacko who -- the week prior -- had completed the course in a race against Tahir Bilgic.

This week the celebs had to work together -- wearing elephant feet -- to collect peanuts in order to win stars for the camp. In an Aussie I’m A Celebrity first, the trial was all-or-nothing, meaning if the pair didn’t collect all 12 stars, they would go back to camp empty-handed.

During the series of obstacles, Justin and Jacqui came face to face with the rolling boulders. The last time Justin ran up against the boulders he was concerned he had injured his nose, forever altering his career as a model. As it turns out, he was fine.

Before leaving for the trial, the model was worried he would once again come out of the course injured.

“Then this show’s just about seeing Justin get hurt,” he told campmate Richard Reid, “mentally and physically.”

But when Justin and Jacqui ran the course it was his teammate who would end up needing assistance.

Completing the course, Jacqui was noticeably worn out, with Justin lifting Jacqui, carrying her to the end of the trial.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqui Lambie Rushed To Hospital After Trial Injury
After helping his teammate finish the obstacle course, Justin was the first to notice the extent of Jacqui's injury. Image: Network 10.

While the collision initially didn’t seem too serious, once the challenge had concluded Jacqui, after being knocked to the ground, had sustained quite the injury to her head.

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Despite the massive swelling to her forehead, Jacqui was her unfazed self.

“I’ve had two kids mate and went through labour pain,” she told Dr Chris Brown adding, “I know that’s difficult for you men and you die when you’ve got the flu cause you call it man flu,” she joked while being checked by the medic.

Returning to camp, Jacqui and Justin celebrated their 12-star win, but all eyes were on the egg that had formed on the former Tasmanian's forehead.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqui Lambie Rushed To Hospital After Trial Injury
When Jacqui returned to camp the swelling had continued, resulting in a massive lump on her forehead. Image: Network 10.

Needing to be more thoroughly checked out, Jacqui was taken to a nearby hospital where she had a CT scan along with other tests but according to a Network 10 spokesperson, when the hospital gave her the opportunity to stay and rest, she chose to return to camp.

Jacqui will be monitored by the medical team on-site, but underwent a series of tests which concluded that -- despite the swelling -- there was no skull fracture or underlying head injury.

Looks like nothing will stop Lambo.

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