Kristen Bell Was Told How 'The Good Place' Ends But Forgot

Or is she pulling a fast one on us?

The cast of The Good Place appeared on Conan on Wednesday to chat about the hit comedy prior to the season 3 finale airing.

Knowing that Kristen Bell is informed in advance about what twists are to come, Conan O’Brien questioned the star on whether creator Mike Schur had filled her in on how the entire series will end.

Turns out, she did, but she... can't remember.

"I was told, and… the funny thing is, I got a lot going on, and I don’t remember things very well, and I forgot. I legit forgot.”

Smelling a white lie, O’Brien continued to press her, to which Bell explained, “I got two kids, guys! That’s, like, a lot of work! There’s so much work! They don’t even tell you how much work they are! He told me. Last year, he’s like, ‘That’s how I’m going to wrap it up. Yeah, that’s the right idea.’ And it has exited my brain.”

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“That’s good, that’s good,” D'Arcy Carden (who plays Janet) added. “You were the right person to tell, then. It’s certainly not [Ted] Danson, who, according to Jameela Jamil, “tells our secrets to everyone, so he’ll never be told. He literally told everyone this season 1 twist months in advance.”

At least she won't be able to spoil it for anyone?

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