Mindy Kaling Reckons Kelly Would've Murdered Ryan Eventually

As 'The Office' came to an end, we saw everyone's favourite on-again, off-again couple reunite and run off (literally) into the sunset together.

In a new interview with Variety, however, Mindy Kaling revealed that she doesn't think Kelly and Ryan would've been able to make it work after their series finale reunion.

Mindy -- who starred as Kelly Kapoor and was one of the show's writers -- speculated that rather than living in domestic bliss together, the pair probably had a much darker fate.

"There’s not an insignificant part of me that thinks Kelly might be in jail," Mindy mused. "Crime of passion? The character just kept getting a little bit more and more unhinged. I don’t want to say that she murdered Ryan, but I’m also not convinced that he’s still alive in the world of The Office."

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It's a pretty convincing argument, given that Kelly and Ryan's very tumultuous relationship over the years saw both a faked pregnancy and the mild poisoning of an infant over the course of the series.

The real question here is: Would Kelly believe that Ryan's funeral was more or less sad than Princess Diana's?

Featured image: NBC