I'm A Celebrity 2019: A Snake In Camp Exposes Even More Contraband

The celebs had an unexpected visitor in camp on Thursday, but that wasn’t the only shocking discovery.

Probably resting up after her massive trial earlier in the week, Angie peacefully napped, completely unaware of the dangerous snake slithering around the camp just inches away from her head.

The snake turned out to be quite a danger to the celebs, so she and her Gogglebox co-star and campmate Yvie were evacuated from the main camp so a wrangler could remove the menace.

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But that wasn’t the only shocking discovery found in camp.

Apparently, as a safety precaution, all the bags in camp needed to be searched to make sure no other unexpected visitors had made their home nestled into Luke’s underpants or Jackie’s boots.

Turns out no snakes were found… Just more contraband.

Yep. The gang of celebs -- who had already turned up a record-breaking amount of contraband ever seen on our beloved I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! -- were hiding even more.

We had already noticed them stealing butter and coffee from the Hour of Power reward that Angie and Yvie had won for the camp on Wednesday -- earlier that day, the celebs had attempted, ever so poorly, to hide the fact that they had stashed coffee from the night before, wandering around discussing their delicious hot mugs of “water”.

When you’re living in a camp full of cameras and BIG personalities, it’s hard to conceal anything. But the coffee was just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite Richard, Luke, Tash and Justin earning eight stars for the camp at the Shocking Shopping trial, their stars were voided after the discovery of even more contraband, meaning that instead of dinner they received a brick, an ultimatum and -- for dessert -- an amnesty box to surrender the remaining banned items.

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“When does the punishment STOP?” Richard screamed. “I was supposed to be the guy who grabbed the food and read the happy note. Not happy, Jan.”

This is the second time Richard’s dinner announcement has been an awkward time for the camp, during the first week he accidentally read out dinner included “Aborigines” rather than “Aubergines”.

While Dermott managed to sew energy bars into his shoes, Tash managed to keep tea and gum stashed away, and other celebs had bits and pieces hiding around the camp, it was Luke who revealed himself the hero of the evening.

Revealing an ENTIRE PACKET OF TIM TAMS, the celebs were told the only thing they were getting for dinner was the contraband they had in the camp, and so a cheeky feast ensued.

With a side of their favourite rice and beans, the celebs dined on Tim Tams, slurped down coffee -- this time without needing to hide it so terribly.

While Justin celebrated the end to the rule-breaking, Jackie was less sure of her campmates’ honesty.

“I would like to think this is it,” she said before quickly adding, “but I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t give you a 100 percent guarantee on that.”

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