The Most Iconic Celeb Cameos On 'The Bold And The Beautiful'

'The Bold and the Beautiful' has been on the air for a whopping 8000 episodes.

To celebrate, we thought we'd take a stroll down soap opera memory lane to look back at some of the classic celebrity cameos from the last 31 years.

While you'd definitely recall the slaps, the love triangles and the epic steely glances from the long-running, international smash daytime soap -- here's a little reminder of some of the best stars that have looked wistfully into the distance in the presence of the Forrester family.

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Betty White
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Betty White is probably the hardest working gal in showbiz -- she just turned 97 and doesn't seem to have any plans to pump the brakes on her career.

The Golden Girls actress had a regular role on Bold a decade ago -- playing Stephanie Forrester's estranged mother, Ann Douglas. White's tragic storyline was focused on "dying with dignity", which was depressing because we had to watch our beloved Betty die on screen, but also fine when we remembered she's nearly 100 and living a better life than all of us!

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The year was 1998 and Usher had already released two albums (My Way and Usher) and made his TV debut on the classic '90s sitcom Moesha. Usher appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as a character called Raymond, which, fun fact,  is the singer's actual surname!

Usher told MTV back in the day that his appearance on the soap was "actually the hardest gig that I've ever had".

"I mean, I did a movie with Robert Rodriguez ... and I did the Moesha show, but this is a lot of dialogue, and you have to remember it all in one day. It's just back-to-back, back-to-back taping".

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Matt Preston
(Network 10)

Remember when The Bold And The Beautiful came to Australia and held an ~elegant~  harbour wedding? Liam and Steffy got hitched for the third (!!) time and the bride (played by actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) entered the ceremony in true style, ziplining from the top of the Sydney Opera House right into the Botanic Gardens.

If that wasn't enough for you, the episode also featured our very own MasterChef, Matt Preston who played Noah, a helpful wedding planner who made sure the catering was on point. It was the part he was born to play.

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Fabio Lanzoni -- more commonly known by his iconic mononym -- was the Italian-American fashion model who graced the cover of many a saucy romance novel in the '90s.

So it was only fitting that he -- and his luscious blonde locks -- made an appearance on Bold as himself at Sally Spectra's bachelorette party in 1993 and gave Darla Forrester a big ol' smooch.

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Angela Bishop

All of Angela Bishop's dreams -- and ours -- came true when the Network 10 Entertainment Editor appeared alongside Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom for a couple of very special Bold eps.

"The cast members were so friendly and welcoming and incredible to watch," Bishop wrote on Instagram.

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And just like our pal Usher told us, The Bold and the Beautiful cast have *a lot* of lines to learn and are extremely talented at memorising all their dramatic quips.

"Katherine Kelly Lang can scan 20 pages of dialogue and commit them to memory in no time, while I stressed over my one line!" said Bishop. "No pressure. Only 30 million people watch the show."

Dionne Warwick

Someone said a little prayer for legendary singer Dionne Warwick to cameo on Bold and the Beautiful, and she did! Warwick played herself at this glitzy gala held by Eric Forrester. Warwick sang the sultry, saxophone heavy Bold theme, "High Upon This Love".

A huge shout out to whoever captured this historic moment on VHS and uploaded it to YouTube!

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono -- son of musical icons Cher and Sonny Bono -- made an appearance as a minister, Reverend Rydell on Bold. Chaz officiated the wedding of Steffy Forrester (before she ziplined into her other marriage with Liam) and Wyatt Spencer.

Bono said in an interview with People that he'll always be grateful for his experience on Bold.

“I’m grateful that they are willing to pay me to do something I love, which is to act," Bono said.

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Tippi Hedren

Tippi is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds -- and also for being the mother of actress Melanie Griffiths.

But she should truly be best known for the time she had a regular role on Bold as Helen Maclaine.

"I'd always said 'no' to the soaps, but when my agent called about this one, I thought it might be kind of fun," Hedren told the LA Times in 1990.

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