How Hughesy Set Out To Solve Problems And Ended Up With A Dog

Ahead of the premiere of new series 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem' next Tuesday, we chatted to Australia's favourite comedian and problem-solver, Dave Hughes.

Sitting on the beach chatting to 10 daily over the phone, Hughesy told us about how one of the problems he and his panel of funny, problem-solving pals tackled landed him with a new pet.

"A woman came on, she wasn’t allowed to have a dog in her block of apartments -- the manager wouldn’t allow dogs -- so we got him on and we got him to let her have a dog," he said, explaining that to give the segment a "happy ending", they brought out a dog for the woman to adopt.

"Everyone thought that was great," he said.

It was Hughesy's wife Holly who asked him later if the woman actually ended up adopting the dog.

"I rang the producer, and the woman was in Brisbane and the show’s filmed in Sydney -- for whatever reason, she didn’t actually adopt the dog, and right now, I’m on the beach and that dog is with me," he laughed. "We ended up adopting him, so that’s a happy story."

Hughesy, We Have A Problem began with just that, a title, and it was "from that" that Hughesy found himself in the position of solving the problems of Aussies everywhere.

"Most of my comedy is based on sharing my own problems, and I wanna hear people’s stories and laugh at their failings," he said. "I think it’s important to laugh, I think one of the assets of telling your friends is that they can laugh with you."

He laughed, adding, "We all wanna hear about our friends’ failings, not their successes!"

As for Aussies who Hughesy reckons should come on the show, Karl Stefanovic topped the list.

"We’ve gotta get Karl on the show," he said, adding: "He’s got some time on his hands now so we’d be happy to talk to Karl. We’ve got Kyle Sandilands coming on the show in a couple of weeks, so that’ll be interesting. He’s got quite a few problems."

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One problem he deemed unfair, though, was the saga of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'s Justin Lacko having the contraband hairspray he snuck into the jungle with him confiscated.

"I love Justin," said Hughesy. "Look, I think Justin should be allowed to have his hairspray, I mean, what is Justin without his hairspray? I mean, Justin not being allowed to have hairspray is like a diabetic not being allowed to have insulin."

We also took the opportunity to ask Hughesy to solve a couple of our problems for us, while we had him on the line.

The first problem was about emails -- the sheer volume of them that land in our inboxes every day, and how every time we reply, it just prompts another response, and it's a never-ending cycle. So how do we stop it?!

Hughesy laughed. "Ah, that’s a really good point, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve gotta just put on the end of the email 'no need to reply, in fact, don’t reply!' Just don't reply!"

Problem solved, you'll never hear from us again!

Our second problem was about new year's resolutions -- specifically, keeping up consistency when it comes to reading more through the year.

As it turned out, Hughesy was on the same journey as us, and had found the solution.

"I’m one of those people who made a decision to read more books, and I’m doing it!" he told us.

The secret to his success? "No phones in bed," he said.

"Every night I’m reading, I’ve got a Kindle so I can read myself to sleep every night," he said. "I cannot go to sleep now without reading a book, but I am dedicated to reading books on my Kindle, so don’t buy me a book as a present, because I’ll just download the Kindle version! I’m reading a book a week at the moment."

Hughesy, We Have A Problem will hit screens on Tuesday, 29 January at 8.30pm on 10.