I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari Reveals Parli's Drunkeness 'Code Word'

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari has made some pretty shocking allegations about the goings on in parliament.

After asking gossip guru Richard Reid if he had seen many celebs using substances on sets the tables were turned when Dastyari revealed many politicians cope with the pressures of the job with drugs and alcohol.

“You’re allowed to drink a bit too much to deal with your anxiety,” Dastyari told Reid and Justine Schofield, “but if you say you have a mental health issue, your political career is over.”

Describing Parliament as a sad, lonely and dark place Dastyari claimed that many people working there -- unable to talk about the strains on their mental health or the struggles they may face -- rely on “things like alcohol” to cope.

"I’ve sat through Senate Question Time, so has Jacqui [Lambie], where you’re sitting with people and you know they’re drunk.”

Earlier in the series, Dastyari claimed he had tried “every single drug” but nothing compared to the euphoric feeling he felt when he was ousted from the Labor party.

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Dastyari also claimed that drunkenness in the Question Time chamber was so common there were coded phrases used to describe politicians who were under the influence on the job.

“We have this term,” Dastyari said, “So and so looks ‘tired and agitated’ that means they’re drunk in the chamber. Get them out.”

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari Reveals "People Would Be Blown Away" By Drunkeness In Parliament
Sam told Richard and Justine drunkenness in Question Time is so common there are coded terms for it. Image: Network 10.

“If someone is ‘tired and agitated’ they are pissed off their face in the chamber. Happens all the time. All the time.”

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The shocking claims come as many politicians have been forced to confront their past substance usage amid the pill testing debate raging in NSW.

Meanwhile, Dastyari was able to categorise politicians by which drugs they favoured.

“The old Labor MPs, the old Lefties, all are pot smokers from back in the day… and a lot of the young Conservatives out of the banking world have a bit of cocaine… I don’t want to say ‘habit’ but recreationally,” Dastyari said.

The 35-year-old former Senator claimed that mixing legal substances like prescription drugs and alcohol -- even mixed together -- is deemed “permissible” even when abused on the job.

“As long as you play the legal game,” Dastyari said.

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