I'm A Celebrity 2019: Angie Kent Spews From Massive Height For An Hour Of Power

The stomach-dropping, balloon-popping trial left Angie’s lunch in a river but resulted in a massive surprise for her campmates.

After one of our celebs, Ajay Rochester, was the first to say farewell to the jungle she nominated former Gogglebox stars Angie Kent and Yvie Jones for the Drop N’ Pop challenge.

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Yvie was tasked with using a pulley to maneuver Angie -- suspended more than 200ft above the dam -- over a series of balloons. Angie then had one chance per balloon to be dropped, wielding a spear, attempting to pop each one for rewards. The final jackpot balloon meant an hour of electricity for the camp.

Things didn’t go entirely to plan as Angie made room for snacks back at camp by throwing up what little food she had before the trial, still suspended in the air.

Missing the first four balloons, the dropping, dangling and bouncing like a human yo-yo began to take a toll on Angie who briefly had to stop attempting her popping to vomit.

In the final make-or-break attempt, the pair were able to make it work, popping the jackpot balloon.

“Can we make it back quick because I’m scared I’m going to keep spewing,” Angie said mid-celebration of her success.

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Still, nothing was going to keep Angie down, as she was pulled back to solid ground, joking, “Does anybody want a pash?”

And her and Yvie’s efforts resulted in a massive reward for the other celebs, an entire hour of electricity in the camp.

Pedestal fans, a microwave and even a kettle, the celebs were anything but spewing as they celebrated with microwave popcorn, sandwiches and coffee.

And it wouldn’t be a celebration without our sneaky celebs immediately looking for ways to sneak away some of their treats for later.

Forgetting they’re all wearing microphones, the all-seeing eyes picked up Justin planning to steal butter and Richard stashing some instant coffee. There were even plans to try and steal therapeutic Epsom salts to season their food. For those playing at home -- that’s a very, very bad idea.

The hour of power must have gone to their heads, but don’t think that went under the radar!

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