I'm A Celebrity 2019: "Don't Embarrass Me Daddy" Camp Leader Shane Crawford's Entry Shakes Up Dermott Brereton

The most recent addition to our batch of celebs has started to cause a bit of chaos with his former AFL teammate.

Shane Crawford may have only just entered the jungle a day ago but he’s already begun ruffling Dermott Brereton’s feathers, quite literally it seems.

On his first morning in camp, Shane went straight to pranking his former Hawthorn teammate, hiding his shoe and hat in the camp archway.

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From there the war was on, with Crawf looking for any excuse to troll “Uncle Dermie” -- one of the many nicknames the Derminator has picked up in camp.

While Dermott wasn’t going to take the light pranking lying down, he quite literally bolted into action, replacing his shoe with a pair of Shane’s undies which -- we have to admit -- was a brave move when jungle laundry standards aren’t entirely up-to-scratch and sniff.

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From there it was all on and campers saw a whole new side of Derm. Well, all sides.

On their trip to the waterfall, Dermott decided it was time to show the campers what he was made of -- mostly an extremely pale butt.

“Don’t embarrass me, daddy,” Sam Dastyari cried out watching from the sidelines before Luke Jacobz added, “wasn’t that the last words of your daughter?”

But the jostling didn’t stop there -- when news arrived that Shane was able to pick a Deputy his attention went straight for Justin after they bonded over Monday’s trial.

“He’s been a warrior since he’s been here,” Shane explained, “so he definitely deserves a leadership role.”

Shane’s first point of order after establishing Justin to his new position?

Kicking Dermott out of his bed.

“I have decided that Dermott will be giving Justin his bed and Dermott will be taking Justin’s bed,” Shane announced after realising Justin -- the king of trials this season -- was sleeping on a broken bunk.

While the frenemies might be having a bit of fun, Crawf may need to watch his back as Jackie Lambie reminded Dermott of his luxury item.

“Bring out the Voodoo doll baby, bring it out!”

When it arrived in camp Dermott explained that he received the voodoo doll in Louisiana. “One person I put it on ended up going to jail,” he told his campmates, “that is true. It’s cleaned off now and ready to fire.”

We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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