I'm A Celebrity 2019: Shane Crawford And Justin Lacko Get Pantsless, Leaving Julia Morris Speechless

During Monday’s Tucker Trial things got a bit antsy leaving our celebs stripped and our hosts gobsmacked.

Before the new camp leader, Shane Crawford, was able to enter camp for the first time he was put through his paces with his very first tucker trial.

And who better to help him out than the challenge veteran, Justin Lacko.

Justin, who has competed in almost every single challenge so far, was in fine form as he guided Shane through a tunnel full of puzzles, cockroaches, rats, biting ants, mouse traps and even whoopie cushions.

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At the end of the challenge, the unlikely duo were able to nab a whopping 13 stars, meaning the entire camp would be celebrating Shane’s arrival in style.

Speaking of style, at the end of the challenge Shane was struggling with a different kind of puzzle: ants in his pants.

Seriously. What else would you do but strip down to your undies and let the biting critters free?

Meanwhile, Justin, completely unbothered by any ants or critters, decided to strip down to his undies too. Maybe it was to make Shane feel more comfortable, maybe it was because he knows what the Australian public want -- nay NEED -- or maybe it was to just make Lady Julia Morris’ day.

Fans have been completely divided on Justin’s antics on the show -- his completely self-unaware outlook on life, the fact that he continues to get picked for trials, his unabashed love of all things Justin.

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When speaking about being constantly picked to do trials Justin said, “I need to remind myself that this is like God’s will, almost.”

Justin continued, speaking about the public voting system that has decided who gets picked for the challenges, “If we took out society and people who are voting… this is just God’s decision. And he picked me.”

Beautiful, sweet angel.

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