I'm A Celebrity 2019: Dermott Brereton Recalls Close Call With Jackie Collins

The AFL legend wowed campmates with his run-in with the famous romance novelist.

Chatting to Yvie Jones and Richard Reid -- two gossip lovers themselves -- Dermott talked about working on Ernie Sigley’s show, In Melbourne Today, back in 1989.

The first paid TV job that Dermott says helped launch his on-air career also gave him a few other opportunities it seems.

“I had to interview Jackie Collins,” Dermott told Yvie and a gobsmacked Richard who is a huge fan of the prolific romance novelist.

“So she came in and I thought ‘Wow!’” the Hawthorne legend continued, “finished the interview, went to a song and I chatted with her for a little bit -- small talk.”

According to ol’ Dermie, the small talk left a big impression as later that night he received a call from a gentleman inviting him to a party at Jackie’s house.

“I said, ‘Oh yeah I’ll go home and ask my wife’ and he said ‘Ahhh. No. It’s just an invite for you.”

While Dermott says he was incredibly tempted by the offer, he was -- at the end of the day -- a married man.

Still stunned by the story, Richard admitted Jackie was “very racy” while Dermott seemed full of regrets.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Dermott Brereton Recalls Close Call With Jackie Collins
Image: Terry O'Neill/Iconic Images/Getty Images.

Jackie Collins died in 2015, just two weeks before her 78th birthday of breast cancer -- revealing her diagnosis to family only weeks before her death.

Dermott, who divorced his wife after eight years of marriage, admitted he thinks he made the wrong choice.

“I went home to my wife then, had I known how that would pan out I should have gone to the hotel!” he laughed.

Ah well, as Jackie herself once wrote in Married Lovers: “Sh*t happens. You need to move on.”