I'm A Celebrity 2019: Luke Jacobz Dedicates His Luxury Item To His Dad

The celebs have been in the jungle for a week now and to celebrate the dividing wall coming down, they were treated to their luxury items.

While some luxury items were a little questionable at best, it was Luke Jacobz whose tribute to his dad really won the day.

Speaking to 10 daily before he went into the jungle, Luke revealed that his luxury item was more of a dedication than a luxury.

"My dad used to wear pink socks to work, so I’m wearing pink socks in the jungle so every day I have a reminder that I’m doing it for him.”

Telling his campmates that he and his brother used to work with their dad, Luke said his brother would often steal his dad’s socks. “So dad went out and bought himself a pair of pink socks and he would wear them to work every day so that my brother wouldn’t steal them.”

“I wanted to have a bit of him in here with me every day,” Luke said.

Luke’s father John Ashwood passed away from brain cancer in 2015. The former Home and Away star also told 10 daily that his fiance, Raychel Stuart, also lost her father to brain cancer.

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“When we first met we both realised we both lost our dads to brain cancer so we thought this would be amazing, to go in there and do that because not having a dad sucks. We’re doing it for them,” he said.

Luke is hoping to take out the title of King of the Jungle to raise money for Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer.

While Luke’s luxury item was a really touching story some of the other items ranged from useful -- Justine’s flat plate grill and tongs and Justin’s inflatable pool toy -- to the downright weird.

Dermott brought a Voodoo doll from Louisiana, in case anyone in camp crosses him, Tahir brought a violin that he doesn’t know how to play, Ajay bought a… “back” massager, and Yvie bought two pairs of shoulder pads.

Yes, according to Yvie, her rounded shoulders really brings her down and having shoulder pads can really turn her day around.

Isn’t that special.

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