I'm A Celebrity 2019: Shane Crawford Didn't Tell His Kids He Was Going Into The Jungle

Many celebs are good at keeping the secret that they’re heading into the jungle, but for our 13th celeb, he managed to hide that fact from his own kids.

As Shane Crawford heads into the jungle as an intruder, he also had a little surprise planned for his kids.

“I was in two minds about telling the older boys,” Shane told 10 daily before heading into camp, “they’re used to me going away for short periods and I just say I’m going away for work, so that’s what I did in this case.”

They’re going to be really excited by dad going into the jungle and being part of the show,” Shane said.

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And while his arrival in camp may be a surprise for his kids, he also has a bit of a surprise for his campmates. According to the AFL legend, he’s a sleepwalker.

“It happens quite a bit,” he admitted, “normally when I’m really tired or my mind’s racing. I just hope that I don’t walk into the fire or into the bush and never return…”

Despite often falling asleep to the sounds of the TV, Shane now has all the noises the jungle provides -- plus the orchestral snoring and farting of his campmates.

"I can’t deal with that,” Shane said about the snoring in camp that has already been a bit of a problem for the other campers, “I don’t know what I’m going to do there. I’m going to have to sneak over, pinch their noses and wake them up” he laughed.

Shane’s time in the jungle is to raise money for Breast Cancer Network Australia, a charity he’s worked alongside for many years.

In 2010 Shane walked 780km from Adelaide to Melbourne raising more than $400,000 for BCNA and in 2013, he raised over $1.3 million after a 22-day ride from Melbourne to Perth -- a 3,600-kilometer journey.

When asked how he thinks he’d cope with some of the challenges he’ll be facing during his time on I’m A Celeb, Shane said, “I’ll tell you all my issues.”

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“I won’t sleep very well, that’s going to be a struggle, I sleepwalk, I don’t have a strong stomach -- I can gag just by looking at things so I don’t know how I’m going to go there.”

He continued, “Creepy crawlies? Nup. A blade of grass hits my leg and I jump.”

“And then there’s anything with full-on movement or rolling, stuff like that, motion sickness? I’ll end up like Richard Reid did [after his helicopter ride challenge].”

While he’s nervous about… pretty much the whole experience, Shane admitted he’s going in with the best attitude possible, noting that failure is not an option.

“There’ll be a lot of things that will be thrown at me and I’ll have to say okay, here we go. The one thing I’m really worried about is if I actually fail and go back to report I don’t have any food for [the celebs]. And my kids at home saying dad don’t fail, don’t be a disaster.”

“There’s a bit of pressure on,” he added.

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