I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari And Jacqui Lambie Clash In Camp Over Death Penalty

The former politicians have been getting along -- for the most part -- but things became heated when Jacqui Lambie and Sam Dastyari butted heads over capital punishment.

Dastyari and Lambie have been on their best behaviour since entering the camp last Sunday, but neither could hold back when it came to the topic of capital punishment.

Things quickly became heated when Lambie suggested that the best way to deal with “hardcore idiots” -- as the former Tasmanian senator put it -- was to “put a round in their heads”.

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“They’re never going to be worth anything to society, most of them,” Lambie continued, “I’m happy to let them rot. I know, I’m really hardcore like that. I like to break ‘em baby.”

While campmate Dermott Brereton seemed entertained by Lambie’s approach, Dastyari attempted to respond, after Lambie insisted that the death penalty would save taxpayers “a lot of money”.

But before he had the opportunity, Lambie snapped.

"Bullsh*t, you’ve got someone that’s completely psycho, committed murder,” Lambie fired at Dastyari.

While the disgraced politician explained to Lambie that when a system is put in place, often those systems will make errors, Lambie continued, using Martin Bryant as an example of someone who “should have had a round in his head”.

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“Why should the taxpayer have to bloody put him in jail and pay for his meals for 60 years?” an incensed Lambie asked Dastyari.

Lambie has been a vocal proponent for the death penalty to be reintroduced to Australia as a way to combat terrorism.

In 2015 Lambie said: “I'm asking that everyone who assists any of the terrorists trying to take out our defence force personnel, that the death penalty be introduced”.

Dastyari attempted to convince Lambie that a death sentence costs more than putting someone away for life -- a claim has been backed by studies of the United States’ death penalty system, which found that in some cases, the death penalty could cost at least 18 times more than sentencing a criminal to life without parole.

“Sam. Why do you politicians say ‘that system’ instead of inventing a system that actually bloody works?” Lambie demanded, adding:

"Typical political bloody thinking!”

Dastyari then claimed Lambie -- knowing she was losing the argument -- shifted the debate to corporate donations, “Which ironically is something her and I vehemently agree on,” he added.

At the end of the day, both Lambie and Dastyari were able to put their differences aside, but the sparring match proved to be quite the theatrical entertainment for the others in camp.

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