I'm A Celebrity 2019: Will The First Jungle Romance Blossom Or Bust?

Fans of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ are eagerly waiting to see what happens with a potential budding romance.

Fans are watching on to see just what’ll happen between Gogglebox’s Angie Kent and Love Island’s Justin Lacko. Since her arrival into camp, Angie caught Justin’s eye -- possibly because there are no mirrors in camp so it’s difficult for him to get distracted.

Commenting on the red carpet arrivals in the first show alongside her Gogglebox co-star Yvie Jones, Angie referred to Justin as “the perfect specimen” -- which we’re guessing is also how he introduces himself at parties.

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Similarly, when Angie entered the camp Justin said, “She’s pretty cute… it makes me a little bit nervous.”

In Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celeb, the pair also faced their first trial together, fighting the freeze and trying not to look at the cold-induced “swelling” TOO much.

When Justin spoke to 10 daily before heading into the jungle, he made it clear that he was absolutely still looking for love -- wherever he can find it.

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“In every case scenario I’m always open and looking to find somebody,” he said adding, “If there’s someone in [camp], of course, I’m single why can’t I?”

I feel like everyone knows that I’m trying to find somebody -- I want to find somebody.

Justin's crush and the flirtation between the two hasn’t gone unnoticed with fans.

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But a lot of viewers can’t help notice that this love story may be a little one-sided.

While we’ll have to keep an eye on our lovebirds, one thing’s for sure… they make a tasty looking couple.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play. I’m A Celebrity Saturday Schoolies airs Saturdays at 7 on 10 and 10 Play.