I'm A Celebrity 2019: Richard Reid Reveals Bathroom Run-In With Ricky Martin

Having gossip guru Richard Reid in the jungle has provided no end of entertainment as he shares his run-ins with celebs.

Most recently Richard regaled some of the other campers with a missed connection with none other than Ricky Martin.

According to the Hollywood insider, he crossed paths with the “Livin' la Vida Loca” singer in a Los Angeles bathroom.

Richard told his caretaker campmates, “In my head, I’m like did he follow me in here? I was wondering, was there a moment? I couldn’t tell if there was a linger.”

Impressing Gogglebox’s Angie Jones, Richard told the gang how handsome Martin is in real life, but also is a fan of a bit of cover-up.

“[Ricky] and I are like brother and sister,” Angie commented, “we both love men, we both have acne scars… we’re both excellent singers.”

It appears the brief moment stuck with Richard, thinking back about it and wondering, “Was that a moment?”

“Ricky, Ricky wait! Was that a moment?” Angie joked with him.

Perhaps if things had gone differently Ricky could have become Mr Ricky Reid!

It isn’t the first time Richard has name-dropped in the camp. Earlier the celebs quizzed him on the best and worst A-listers he’s run into during his career.

“Sandra Bullock is THE nicest person,” Reid told the camp, “So nice. Absolutely down to Earth… not a vain bone in her body.”

But no one likes to hear compliments, so the campers demanded to hear the worst celeb Richard had ever interviewed.

“Okay, the worst… Tommy Lee Jones,” Richard said to a very unsurprised camp.

“I’ve heard he’s very, very difficult,” Dermott Brereton said.

Check out the full list of Richard’s faves in the video above.

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