Get Excited Because 'Dirty John' Is Coming To Netflix On Valentine's Day

The hit Bravo show based on the thrilling podcast is coming to Netflix on February 14.

"Another reason to be anxious on Valentine's Day," Netflix ominously wrote on Twitter this morning.

Dirty John is a chilling true-crime series based on the very real life story of a charismatic con-man with a dark past, "Dirty John" Meehan.

The absolutely wild tale of the sociopathic Meehan and his relationship with interior designer Debra Newell was the subject of the hit LA Times/Wondery podcast hosted by Christopher Goffard.

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The story was then turned into a series on Bravo starring Eric Bana, Connie Britton, Juno Temple and Julia Garner, and has just wrapped up in the States, gathering millions of viewers.

Britton was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award for her role as Newell on the thrilling series.

The Friday Night Lights actress admitted at the Globes that she hasn't even watched herself in the terrifying series yet.

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"I don't watch," she said. "I have not watched past episode two," she told E! News. I don't know, I think I get too nervous… I think I'll watch it when it's all over."

Nervous or not, we're still going to binge the entire series on Feb 14!

Main Image: Netflix