I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari: "I Threw My Family Away For My Politics"

Sam Dastyari opened up to campmates about his life following his very public downfall, and the impact it had on his family.

Speaking to Natasha Exelby, Justine Schofield and Yvie Jones, the former politician described himself as an “unequivocal trainwreck”.

“Let me explain to you my last year,” Dastyari said, “I was in such a bad way.”

Telling his campmates about the end of his political career Dastyari said he spoke to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. “He goes to me, ‘Mate anyone else would be dead 48 hours ago, can you last 72 more hours?’ I said nup, he goes ‘You’re cut’.”

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Describing it like being handed a loaded gun by a senior officer, Dastyari said for the immediate weeks following his resignation filled him with a euphoria, unlike any drug he's done in the past.

"I look back now and I was an arrogant prick," he said.

During the conversation, Dastyari also confirmed he had split with his wife of eight years, Helen Barron.

“I had one thing in my life and it was everything. Everything was my politics,” the 35-year-old said before Exelby asked, “More than your family?”

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Dastyari and Barron have two daughters together, who were the main motivation for him heading into the jungle. When 10 daily spoke to Dastyari before he headed into camp he said I’m A Celebrity was one of the few shows his 7-year-old daughter was allowed to watch.

“I am an Australian male who has a complete inability to show affection to my children,” Dastyari said, “I’m trying to win them over through reality television.”

Back in camp, Dastyari told his fellow celebs that during his political tailspin Barron supportive the entire time.

“And then when we got to the end of it -- like when I was out -- there was nothing there,” he explained, adding that he felt his ex deserved “to have a life”.

“My career is over, my marriage is over, my reputation is shattered and I have to accept that all of that is completely self-inflicted.”

While Dastyari felt like his life in politics had come to a halt, his campmates felt differently.

“Everyone fails at their jobs sometime in their life or they get fired or retrenched, all that stuff happens,” Schofield told the disgraced politician, telling him to “suck it up… and get on with it.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Dastyari is rumoured to be currently dating a former media assistant to Julia Gillard.

“I lost everything,” he said in camp while wondering what to do next with his life and career, “I lost a lot…”

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