Nina Dobrev Returns To The Small Screen With 'Fam'

If you've been missing seeing the former 'Vampire Diaries' actress every week, never fear! We've got you covered.

That's right, folks -- Nina Dobrev is back and better than ever with her new sitcom, Fam. No, that's not how we're addressing you, that's what the show's called, fam! Ahaha, that's fun. We have fun!

Anyhoo, here's the 411 on the show: Nina plays Clem, a woman whose aspirations of a ~perfect life~ are dashed against the wall when her younger half-sister Shannon -- played by Odessa Adlon -- decides she's HAD IT with their dad and comes to live with Clem and her fiancé, Nick (Tone Bell). Younger sis Shannon is, by all accounts, a real firecracker who's ready to turn Clem's life upside down (ǝlʇᴉʇ ƃuos ǝpuɐɹפ ɐuɐᴉɹ∀ uɐ ǝʞᴉl)!

Gary Cole, who you know from Veep, Suits, Chicago Fire, Entourage, The Good Fight, The Good Wife, The West Wing and maybe 400 other things (including the Brady Bunch movies!) also guest stars as the girls' father.

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Speaking with the IMDb Show, Dobrev described it as such:

It's about a reformed, hot mess trainwreck -- she meets the man of her dreams [and] before he proposes to her, she tells him that her family is dead because she never wants him to meet them. She thinks that if he does ever meet them, that he wouldn't want to marry her because they're so terrible. And of course, the family shows up to destroy the perfect life she's created for herself.

When asked how this show differs from her characters on The Vampire Diaries and Degrassi Junior High, she laughed.

"I'm not in high school anymore!" she exclaimed. "I'm finally playing an adult!"

Describing the show as "a departure in so many ways" from her previous work, Nina went on to say that "it's been really, really fun to do comedy".

The show just debuted in the US, and good news, folks, because we're fast tracking it for you on 10 All Access, which means you can watch the first episode right now, and every week from now!

Feature image: CBS