I'm A Celebrity 2019: Celebs Busted With Record Contraband Haul

They’ve barely settled into their new jungle home but our latest group of celebs has been deemed the worst offenders of all time.

In what has become an annual tradition, the celebs have been busted trying to smuggle all sorts of contraband into the camp, but this year not only breaks the record for the sheer amount of items seized… but takes top prize for ridiculousness.

Both the caretakers and the campers were issued notices signaling that the powers that be were aware of forbidden items, issuing both sides of the fence “Amnesty boxes” to surrender their items into.

“That’s in capitals and underlined,” MasterChef alum Justine Schofield noted after camp leader Richard Reid read out a letter telling them not to bother even denying their rule-breaking antics.

The caretakers were up first, giving over a massive pile of items including but not limited to: a banana, chewing gum and tea bags. The campers watched on with glee as the caretakers unloaded more items like a pear -- which they all took a bite out of before placing it in the box.

For some reason, Luke Jacobz even managed to pinch a pair of safety goggles from the Bombs Away challenge. We're still not sure why, but perhaps they would have come in handy when he got a faceful of baboon wee that morning.

Looking on, hanging over the dividing fence, Dermott Brereton chided the caretakers for being such rulebreakers.

Then it was time for the campers to surrender their items, and suddenly they didn’t look so innocent.

First of all, not only did Ajay Rochester smuggle a sachet of gravy into the camp, but before giving it up, she took a big lick.

Brereton, who took such glee in the caretaker’s misfortune, wasn’t an angel himself, smuggling a bag of lollies in his sleeping bag.

“Mine wasn’t a smuggle, it was a save!” Brereton said, attempting to defend his actions before admitting, “I taped it in under the legs because I thought we’d get frisked!”

But the award for most creative -- and ridiculous -- smuggle goes to Love Island’s Justin Lacko who, before all else… brought in a can of hairspray.

Something tells us this isn’t the end to our light-fingered celebs.

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