I'm A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby Reveals What Happened After Viral On-Air Blooper

It was the news bulletin that became news itself when Natasha Exelby was a little too entertained by a pen.

After Gogglebox duo Angie Kent and Yvie Jones discussed her on-air blunder, reminding their campmates just how she became infamous worldwide, they spoke about the repercussions in camp.

Following the blooper, there were reports that Exelby was fired from her position, which encouraged journalists to use the hashtag #PutYourBloopersOut.

After telling Exelby how much she loved the clip, Kent clarified if she did, in fact, lose her job, worrying that she could be mocking a more serious situation.

In a statement at the time, Gavin Morris said “Media reports that Natasha has been ‘banned’, ‘barred’ or ‘fired’ are untrue. Natasha is a freelance journalist who works as a contributor. She has been rostered for various shifts and has been assured since yesterday that we want that to continue.”

“While she is not currently doing any on-air shifts, this will be subject to normal performance management,” the statement continued.

“They took me off air, they said I couldn’t go on air again,” Exelby explained saying that shifts for the next six weeks where she was locked-in to present were suddenly taken away, offering her producing shifts in exchange.

“I thought it was like a big joke and then you got your job back,” Kent continued, “I didn’t realise they didn’t put you back on air. That’s so ridiculous.”

Jones also piped up adding, “Men can get away with things. If you were a guy that wouldn’t have happened.”

Still, Exelby looked on the bright side saying, “It’s worked out okay for me... I’m here.”

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