New Yorkers Are Not Happy About MTV’s ‘Made In Staten Island’

The New York Mayor has hit out at the new reality show for "stereotyping" one of the city's Burroughs.

Made In Staten Island premieres on MTV this week and is described as a "coming of age story" about a group of youngsters from the NY area who are trying to forge their own path away from their familial mobster ties.

Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted last week that "anyone who has spent any time on Staten Island knows MTV is peddling stereotypes in a shameless ratings grab".

The cast members all have mob-style nicknames like 'The Staten Island Princess' or 'The Hustler' and the show's main titles -- as well as their grainy black and white promo shots -- look eerily similar to The Sopranos. 

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A petition is calling for the show to be cancelled -- or for MTV to remove the burrough's name from the title.

"The portrayal of Staten Island as a cesspool of gangsters, meatheads and low lives appears to be main and focus of MTV show development in recent years," the petition created by Joseph Maniscalco reads.

"It is built on the premise that kids from Staten Island all grow up surrounded by the mafia in their lives; this is far from the truth," it goes on to say, adding that, in reality, the opioid epidemic is a far bigger issue concerning young people in the US.

Maniscalco cites Staten Island's relatively high income per capita compared to other New York City burroughs and good graduation rates.

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"A show like this demeans what it is to be from Staten Island; something that should never be encouraged especially when it is untrue," he said, accusing MTV of "glorifying poor moral character" in shows like Jersey Shore and 16 And Pregnant.

The petition has received just over 7,500 signatures -- but with the show going to air this week, it seems extremely unlikely that MTV would cancel or change the show's name.

Main Image: MTV