I'm A Celebrity 2019: Luke Jacobz Reveals His Secret Weapon

Just before heading into the jungle, Luke Jacobz shared the secret to how he plans to survive camp life.

The Home and Away star said that in the weeks leading up to his entry into the jungle he put on 12 kilos.

“I have an incredible metabolism,” the 37-year-old X-Factor host said, “I went and saw a doctor and he said I could prepare myself -- I could shrink my stomach and get my body used to it or I could put on some weight. So I decided to put on some weight.”

Jacobz said the road to bulking up for the jungle was inspired by the fact that he knew he’d be sitting around camp in the heat, doing trials and often on a very restricted diet with tiny portions.

“I’ve got a lot of weight to shed [now] and if we’re sitting around not eating, in the heat, I’ll get bored so I’ll do things [to pass the time] which will slowly burn it,” he said.

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Jacobz isn’t alone in the plan to bulk up, with AFL legend Dermott Brereton admitting he also tipped the scale in his favour. After hiking the Kokoda Trail, Brereton lost nine kilos.

“In the four-to-six weeks between [hiking Kokoda] and now I’m back up to 100 kilos,” he shared, adding: “I stacked a bit more on again to be able to get through the starvation aspect of this undertaking.”

Meanwhile, Jacobz was just hoping he’d be spending enough time in the jungle to shed the extra weight he put on specifically to survive.

“I don’t want to come out of there weighing MORE than what I do now because I’ve never been this heavy in my life,” Jacobz revealed.

“I’m exhausted. I put my shoes on and I’m out of breath. It’s horrible…” he trailed off, before conceding: “But it was a really tasty journey. It was fun to get here. I’m saying all this as I’m eating and drinking a coke. It’s good!”

The snacking before entering the camp wasn’t the only motivation Jacobz had for putting his body on the line, though. An avid camper, Jacobz loves being in the outdoors, and he can't wait for the show to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to providing the entertainment, by way of trials and challenges.

He's also excited to be enduring it all for a good cause.

“My fiancée and I both lost our dads to brain cancer,” Jacobz said, “so we thought this would be amazing to go in there and do this for them.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play. I’m A Celebrity Saturday Schoolies airs Saturdays at 7pm on 10 and 10 Play.